We own, manage and develop commercial real estate in urban areas, and we are a partner in complex and challenging real estate and city development projects. With a leading competence and experience in managing, coordinating and implementing large projects, we are a driving force in the shaping of new city areas and places.

As a real estate company we focus on long-term relations and to secure high standards of quality for all of our clients and partners. We also strive to combine architectural values with high efficiency and progressive solutions. We have strong relations within both the business sectors and public administration as well as a network of professionals within real estate. We work with leading construction engineers, architects and consultants to realize the unique potential of each specific location.

Together with our partners we identify urban areas with a great development potential in order to create maximum long-term value for tenants as well as contractors and the society at large. In the development projects we see ourselves as an integral part of the development journey of our client. Our ambition is to continuously serve our client and partners with the best commercial solutions possible given the circumstances.